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Nutritional Therapy:

In Depth

What it is | How it helps


What is Nutritional Therapy?


The basic philosophy of Nutritional Therapy is simple: The myriad health problems that plague modern society today result from weakness in the body’s physiological foundations, which largely stem from poor nutrition and chronic stress. Nutritional Therapy Practitioners recommend a nutrient dense diet consisting of whole, non-processed foods along with nutritional supplementation to correct deficiencies and support the foundations of health; digestion, blood sugar regulation, mineral balance, fatty acid balance and hydration. 


Clients are able to heal from the inside out as we identify and address the foundations that need support, food sensitivities and lifestyle habits that have prevented them from thriving. We firmly believe that the body has innate understanding of its nutritional needs so we help our clients reconnect with and grow attuned to their personal innate intelligence. In this way, with time, patience, practice and proper tools (i.e. nutrients), the body is able to achieve balance naturally.


Nutritional Therapy Practitioners believe strongly in bio-individuality, meaning that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to diet. While some people thrive on a diet low in fats, for others, the increase in carbohydrates is devastating. Likewise, low-carb diets high in fat may help some people, but for others, may be completely inappropriate and even dangerous. There is no perfect diet for everyone. As Nutritional Therapists, we are trained to help each client find the right types of whole foods that will restore balance and enhance their body’s ability to heal.

Give yourself the gift of healing.

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