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Vicki Huntley

Kind | Approachable | Courageous

Vicki Huntley, MRWS, NTP

I believe we can all feel better than we do right now. I believe that God instilled in our body’s the innate ability to restore function and balance. Unfortunately, we have forgotten how to give it the care and fuel it needs. My name is Vicki Huntley and I am a passionate nutrition advocate. As a certified Nutritional Therapy and Restorative Wellness Practitioner, I help clients discover the root cause of their health struggles, then empower them with personalized and targeted strategies that restore energy, vitality and wellness. If you bring me your motivation to do what it takes to feel better, I will bring my best skills to help you accomplish your goal!


Finding the root cause of symptoms requires a thoughtful and complex evaluation of each client, including lab testing. My comprehensive strategy includes exploring my client’s health history, their current symptoms, nutrition, lifestyle, environmental exposure, stress management, movement and sleep patterns to dig out that root cause so healing can begin. By identifying foods that are triggering symptoms such as constant pain, low energy, digestive dysfunction and food intolerances, I am able to work with clients to develop a holistic, bio-individual and specifically targeted wellness plan to help them feel their best.


My goal is to provide clients with a structured plan that is sustainable and real. It includes dietary plans, lifestyle changes, gut healing protocols and fresh ideas to support success in the kitchen.


My passion for nutrition was gained during on my own personal health journey. Over the years, I found my health was declining, rooted in autoimmunity. I tried everything conventional medicine had to offer but found myself masking the symptoms with pharmaceuticals and but unable to slow the progression of the disease process. I am pleased to say that by changing my lifestyle and eating foods that are personalized to fuel my body, I no longer wake up in pain every day! My personal success fueled my desire to share what I learned about proper nutrition and inspired me to become certified to help others with the knowledge I found.


I look forward to helping you make the changes your body is craving.



Master Restorative Wellness Practitioner: Level 4

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

B.A. Business Administration

University of Puget Sound

Master RWS Badge.jpg
Vicki Bio

What can I expect working with Vicki?


First we complete the 15-20 minute good-fit phone call to see if Vicki is the best practitioner to help you achieve your goals. If so, Vicki will figure out the best program that will address your concerns.

After receiving your payment and intake paperwork where you provide a confidential initial interview form (including questions about your medical history), a 3-day food journal and Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (which details what type of symptoms you are experiencing), Vicki will research and prepare for the initial meeting, which will take about 90-minutes.


During the initial evaluation, Vicki strives to understand and honor the healing priorities of each client’s body, listening carefully for clues hidden in client symptoms. Vicki listens to client concerns and will ask clarifying questions about you symptoms and health history in an effort to really understand what is happening in you body. This deep and thorough investigation allows her to identify imbalances and blocking factors that are preventing each client’s body from healing. Vicki will then identify and discuss which of the foundations are showing imbalances and will create a personalized plan to bring them back into balance, typically providing an individualized plan within 2 business days.


After the initial consultation, we will order appropriate bloodwork, GI testing and food sensitivity testing. Once the results are back, we will develop a customized protocol to address your specific issues.


Can you help me if I have significant health concerns?


If you suffer from a diagnosed medical condition, please consult with an appropriate healthcare provider. Nutritional Therapy Practitioners are not trained nor licensed to diagnose or treat pathological conditions, illnesses, injuries, or diseases or prescribe medications nor are we a substitute for your family physician or other appropriate healthcare provider. Nutritional Therapy is a beneficial adjunct to more traditional care, and may alter your need for medication. Keep your physician informed of changes and improvements you are noticing. 


Final Note


Please realize that some recommended supplements are not intended for long-term use, and your nutritional requirements will change as your deficiencies are brought back into balance with the recommendations. For these reasons, maintenance check-ins are recommended at least twice a year.


Reaching optimal health requires sincere commitment, lifestyle changes, and a positive attitude. If you are not willing to change how you eat and live, Nutritional Therapy may not be the right approach for you. Since every human being is unique on a biochemical level, we cannot guarantee any specific result from our program.

Working with Vicki

Let's Get Started!

We begin with a FREE Discovery Call.

Let's talk for 15-20 minutes to discover your needs and goals, including a short review of where your health has been, is presently, and explore future goals.

We include plenty of time in our call for you to ask questions and begin getting to know one another. For this to be successful, you have to feel comfortable and trusting.

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