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What makes Mindful Nutrition NW different?

At Mindful Nutrition NW, we take time to listen and look at the “whole you” in order to help clients discover the root cause that is blocking their body’s optimum function, preventing them from feeling their best. NTP's are not medical doctors and do not diagnose or treat specific conditions. Instead, we assume that a symptom is the actual “problem” and become investigators in order to find the underlying root cause of that symptom.

As a Restorative Wellness Practitioner specializing in the gut microbiome, Vicki is able to go deeper than basic Nutritional Therapy. While addressing the foundations of health often make people feel significantly better, there are some clients who have lingering and pervasive symptoms. For these clients, Vicki is able to order tests that evaluate the GI tract looking for imbalances in the microbiome, pathologies, infections, viruses and more. Your gut health impacts your total health so if your gut is miserable, it will let you know! Assessing GI health helps to get to the root causes of the most complex cases, including chronic illnesses such as IBS/IBD, brain fog, skin problems such as acne and psoriasis, depression, anxiety, diabetes and even general digestive complaints like diarrhea and constipation - all of which are obstacles that prevent your body from achieving the balance it longs for!


Using the information obtained from stool samples, food sensitivity blood testing and the symptom burden evaluation, Vicki is able to thoughtfully create a robust 12-16 week protocol using targeted, pharmaceutical grade supplements aimed at restoring gut balance. Once this is achieved, she can suggest a maintenance program to help clients continue feeling better.


Local clients are able to benefit from the use a Class II FDA approved medical device that uses a pulsed electromagnetic field, “PEMF,” to deliver a patented therapeutic signal. This device supports optimal blood flow by incorporating bio-electromagnetic vasomotion technology which leads to decreased physical discomfort, increased energy, clearer thinking, and deeper sleep.

Nutritional Therapy


Deep Gut Restoration


Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy empowers your body’s natural ability to heal itself and restore critical balance by getting to the root cause of chronic symptoms.​

Vicki can help you identify and remove food stressors, add therapeutic nutrients, and address individual nutrition needs. Nutritional therapy can enhance the effectiveness of other therapies and treatment plans.

Imagine a life with renewed vitality, energy, focus, and no pain. The answer is inside of you. Let us help you find it.

Functional Nutritional Therapy

Deep Gut Restoration

Are you struggling with painful gut issues that you just can’t figure out? Don't lose hope!

Gut health impacts your total health!

As a Restorative Wellness Practitioner specializing in the gut, Vicki is able to order tests that evaluate your gut/GI track's microbiome. These tests help help to identify complicated root causes and gut imbalances that can be the source of chronic illnesses such as IBS/IBD, brain fog, skin problems such as acne and psoriasis, depression, anxiety, diabetes and general digestive complaints like diarrhea and constipation.


Using the information we obtain from the GI Map, as along with MRT food sensitivity testing, Vicki will thoughtfully create a robust 12-week protocol to bring your gut back into balance.

If your gut is miserable, you will be too!

Deep Gut Restoration


Excellent blood flow is critical for optimal health. For a variety of reasons such as increased age, poor diet, and environmental exposures, our blood circulation can diminish over time. ​For local clients, we offer use of our FDA Class II Medical Device that uses pulsed electromagnetic field technology. This device helps to optimize blood flow using patented bio-electromagnetic

vasomotor technology, stimulating blood flow throughout your entire body.

Our PEMF device is innovative and has received numerous awards as well as global patents. This FDA Class II registered medical device is available through our Tumwater office or can be leased for use in your own home.

Schedule PEMF sessions with Vicki as an adjunct to the other therapies you are working. Benefits may include reduced stress, better sleep, optimized physical and athletic performance, and an increased feeling of overall well being.​

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